A serverDNA initiative. the gathering of case modding heroes from across the country.
Learn about comprehensive line-up of the latest and hottest technology and a plethora of new skills all under one roof. Come together to share fellow modders learning. Thier skills and and their progress.

Meet potential sponsors and hear them out what they want from you and your mods. Uplift your profiles and PR with sponsors as they spend time networking with you.

Look forward to 2019 call to action, this year CaseModHeores Summit 2019 looks into what we will be achieving through the year.

The World is about to see a new challenge emerge.

Welcome to CaseModHeroes Summit 2019.

Experience the evolution of case modding in CaseModHeroes Summit 2019


Discover, share and explore the idea of cross modding techniques, from a ideation to creations, designing,  schematics and technical specifications to a PC based platform. Immerse yourself into an all new of networking experience that will push your mod  to the extreme.


Mingle and network with your clans and guilds of case moddings and water Cooling experts. Talk to the potential sponsors from the vendors and business groups.

Be up close and personal and learn how modders can learn and grow with potential sponsors.All united as one, in the name of modding.

Making PC Great again.


All display and no play make us a dull gathering! Push your moddingg limits by participating in our numerous discussion that focuses in activities to help in the call to action on how to progress as a modders and what CTA is needed to advance modders grow path in this unique profession.

From ideation to presentation, from creation and processes leading to international recognition.!

Release your inner competitive senses now!

What’s new and what’s fun CaseModHeores Summit 2019

CaseModHeros Summit 2019 is made up of 3 pillars section. Meet with vendors and learn their engagement metrics with CMH. Fellow Modders presentation of their successes in 2018 and what will be their plans in 2019. Learning and sharing between modders. And finally modders discussion for 2019 and call to action to progress and to uplift modders profiles in 2019.

Up Close and Personal with Industry Experts

Cross Sharing with Fellow Modders. Successes and Learnings

Meet, discuss and Call To Action 2019

CaseModHeores 2019 draws modders, water collers, influencers, and industry experts from around the country in the fields that matter to us – modding, brands, media, and beyond.

They come to communicate the kinds of important insights into advancing techniques and call the actions. And this makes CaseModHeroes one of the best modding content-driven events of the year.

Managing the value chain, guiding the modding industry, choosing partners who need you, monetize every interaction. objective to solve real problems for the modders – no matter whether its is about design and techniques, sponsors, even getting to uplift profiles.

The CaseModHeroes Summit 2019 is about

  • Building, Attracting and Retaining Sponsors
    Investing in itself
  • Building a better and smarter creations
    Connecting and Growing Entrepreneurs
  • Focusing on its strength and geographical location
  • Transforming modders as a brand.

Rupern Chiu
CEO, serverDNA initiatives
ServerWare Sdn Bhd

Meet Your Host Emcee For The Day

Lila “LilaCookie” Bolhair is a prominent streamer in the ESports scene  A humble gaming streamer and mass communication student, has been a well received pesona and is one of the youngest person to have achieved both personal and online recognition as  your successful loud, bubbly variety game streaming gamer.

Ms Lila is currently still studying for her degree and is a team member of serverDNA initiatives serving as a communique and liason personel with the gamers communities.

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Meet The Modding Experts

Meet the engines behind CaseModHeroes Summit 2019 : Brought to you by the community for the community, from your friendly neighbourhood guys

Irie Ahmad MnG

The Pioneer Modder in Malaysia

Known for his success in taking the modding scene into international recognition.

En Irie is now one the the leadership role in driving the development of modders in Malaysia taking it to new heights

Hamman Cronicles

The Fastest Growing Modder in Malaysia in terms of modding and growth. Hammans seeks to build a reputation for being Malaysia best Modder  and looks like his success is on the way. Hamman will share his secret recipe in growing as a modder.

Brian Chong

Tech enthusiast, writer, and definitely a veteran in PC Modding.”

Coming together this time, Brian leads us in CMH drive for 2019 with his vision and mission to take CMH to a all new heights.



9.00am – 9.30am Networking And Registration
9.30am – 9.45am Welcome Note by Mr.Rupern Chiu
9.45am – 10.30am From the lead organzing team:
Mr. Brian Chong , Goldfries.Com
10.30am – 10.45am Partners Session:
10.45am – 11.00am Partners Session:
11.00am – 11.15am Break Session
11.15am – 11.30am Partners Session:
11.30am– 11.45am Partners Session:
11.45am-12.00pm Partners Session:
12.00pm – 1.00pm LUNCH and Networking
1.00pm – 1.15pm partners Session:
1.15pm-1.30pm Driving Success in Modding
Sharing with Hamman
1.30pm – 1.45pm

Challenges you Meet in Modding
Sharing with Irie

1.45pm – 2.00pm  

Engaging Media for Outreach
Mr. Brian Chong

2.00pm- 2.30pm Break
2.30pm – 6.00pm Modders Summit Discussion
6.00pm Close and travel to dinner location
6.30pm onwards Dinner Networking


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