What is a V-Tuber?

A virtual YouTuber (Japanese: バーチャルユーチューバー, Hepburn: bācharu yūchūbā) or
VTuber (ブイチューバー, buichūbā) is an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar
generated using computer graphics and motion capture software or technology.

A digital trend that originated in Japan in the mid-2010s, a majority of VTubers are
Japanese-speaking YouTubers or live streamers who use anime-inspired avatar designs.
By 2020, there were more than 10,000 active VTubers.

Despite their name, virtual YouTubers are not exclusive to Youtube but are also on
platform like Niconico, Twitch and bilibili.

What is V-Idol?

V-Idol (ブイ・アイドル) or Virtual Idol (バーチャル・アイドル) is the first of its kind. Talent
is everywhere, some shy, some are introverted and some just don’t want to be seen but
want to be heard. Now we give you the platform to show us what you’ve got.

We understand that there are many who would love to participate but not everyone is
capable of affording expensive models and rigs, now is your chance to prove to us why
you deserve to win as an uprising VTuber.

Join and stand a chance to win an original single produced by an experienced producer
who has made tracks for popular anime and video games!

For those who don’t have a model, we have not forgotten you. Join and stand a chance to
win a fullbody package! What’s included? You get a model designed for you, a fully
rig-ready fullbody model and rigged by an experienced VTuber Guild.

join now!


How to join.

    1. Participants must register first before submitting.
      Fill up the registration form to confirm your participation & category.
    2. Create a 2 min music video of your avatar singing. (if no model, png image is acceptable)
    3. Upload your video to your google drive or dropbox.
    4. Submit your link to:
    5. The organizing team will contact you upon receiving your submission.



Meet the Competition judges




A producer with box-breaking ideas, Elmer specializes in music composition, sound designer and audio director specializing in Games and Films. After some time working at a local post-production studio doing foley, sound design, and composition for TVCs and films, he left for Tokyo and became a digital media producer in Roppongi. After he returned from Japan, he became one of the composers of soundtrec and later on founded MediBeats Production.


With prior experiences in Tokyo, the States, Hong Kong and locally, Elmer was involved in award winning projects such as Ageless, The Company Man, Re:Legend, Dragon Marked for Death, Tiger Shark, Summer of Fire and many more.




Pedokuma is an experienced Comic Assistant for various webcomics with over 10 years of knowledge. Participated in many local campaign and ACG related event in early years. Going international, she has worked as an official illustrator for clients in Japan, US, and recently, Taiwan.


She had her works showcased at Taiwan Railway Hero Fest and Asia Comic Cultural Museum Opening in 2016. She has also been a guest artist for big video game titles such as Ragnarok Online MY/SG.


She formed her own creative studio which provides visual related production such as comic illustrations, Live2D animation with her experienced team members from related fields.


Tsukimi Lune


Tsukimi Lune (月見 るな) is a female Virtual YouTuber who is a priestess of Tsuki-Kami’s shrine and is also an anime and gacha addict. She sings, play games and chat with her fans, called “Lune Simps,” on stream. She is the original mascot character of the Anime Corner community platform.


The only descendant of the long lost Tsukimi bloodline, Lune embarks on a journey of self-discovery, exploration, and adventure.


A free spirited maiden, she wants to take her journey onward: To explore the world, to meet people from all across the seven oceans… and to simply waste thousands of yen on her favorite gacha games.

Competition Rules

    • Participants must register first before submitting.
    • We will be accepting submissions between 22/10/2021 and 26/11/2021 11:59PM (GMT+8).
    • Participants are allowed to submit only ONE video per category.
    • Please use the hashtag #serverdna6 #mousepadparty #serverdnavtuber if you are uploading your entry on social media.
    • The contest is open to everyone worldwide.
    • Please be mindful of which category you’re from. (Professional / Newbie)
    • Submissions in the wrong category or late submissions will NOT be entertained.
    • Professional VTubers signed under an agency with professional training are also eligible.
      Please tell us which agency.


Video & Song Submissions

    • Please create NEW video submissions only. 
    • Do NOT send just your vocals. Video must be with your model singing or PNG if you don’t have a model. (plus points if you introduce yourself)
    • Please ensure that your video is HD in minimum 1080p format with CLEAR audio.
    • Songs submitted must be in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or Malay language only.
    • Video is to NOT exceed 2 minutes. You are allowed to trim the song.
    • Do NOT edit your vocals. Raw vocals are ideal for this competition for judges to know your vocal strengths.
    • You are ALLOWED to cleanup your audio, eg: white noise etc (please don’t cheat.. our Judges have extremely sharp ears)
    • All instrumental/karaoke tracks are acceptable, please ensure the audio is clear.
    • Please submit a HD image with 300dpi in PNG format of your VTuber or design.


Finalist & Winner

    • All entries will be judged by serverDNA’s selected judges between 26/11/2021 and 28/11/2021.
    • Winners will be contacted via e-mail/call and are required to be present via ZOOM on the 5th of December 2021 for the award ceremony.
    • Failing to do so will result in their entry being forfeited.
    • Judges decisions are final. Winners are to respond to their e-mail within 24 hours.
    • Late responses will NOT be entertained and prize will automatically be forfeited.


Usage Rights

    • By entering this contest, serverDNA has permission to post your submission on our social media platforms with credit to you, the creator.
    • Song produced is subject to publishing rights by serverDNA and profits will be shared.
    • The winner of the VTuber model package is subject to advertising rights by serverDNA and WebCoding to be used as promotional content.




Category A: Professional – 1x Original Single

Category B: New VTubers – 1x Fullbody VTuber Model Package + Rigging



Contestants will be judged based on their vocal ability, overall performance, originality and delivery of the submission.


Register now!