Escalate Valorant
“Raising tactical shooters in Malaysia”

What is Escalate?

Escalate is an event and passion project created for the sole purpose of raising the bar for competitive first-person shooters in Malaysia. Ranging from a platform for players to showcase their skill and content hosting a wide variety of ideas, Escalate strives to be the embodiment of a healthy community for esports in Malaysia. A place where anyone, and everyone, can come in to pitch their part in the advancement of the community as a whole.

Escalate Valorant in serverDNA Live!Online.

Date: 13th June 2020
Venue: In the comfort of your home

Prize Pool
Champion RM 250
2nd Place RM 150
3rd Place RM 100

1. Please ensure registration details are correct.

2. Any misconducts will result in admins taking action.

3. Registration in Mdec Level Playone is not a registration as a player. Please use the below link if you want to join escalate valorant.

4. Contact Person: Major Chua / 6012-367-2275


13 June 2020
9.00 AM Group A-D Check In
10.00 AM Group A-D Matches
1.00 PM Lunch Break
2.00 PM Group A-D Matches (Cont)
3.00 PM Group E-H Check In
4.00 PM Group E-H Matches
7.00 PM Dinner Break
8.00 PM Group E-H Matches (Cont)
14 June 2020
9.00 AM Play offs Check In
10.00 AM Top 16
1.00 PM Lunch Break
2.00 PM Quarter Finals
5.00 PM Semi Finals
8.00 PM Dinner Break
9.00 PM Grand Finals
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Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulations

Virtual Genesis Technology (VGTech)


Rules & Regulations

(updated 28/5/2020)

  1. General


1.1. Participants must obey the Riot Terms Of Service.

1.2. Participants must set official player and team names in the game client.

1.3. The team representative must check in on time.

1.4. Teams are required to have all 5 players in the lobby by the stipulated match time.

1.5. In an event of a dispute, participants must obey the decisions made by VGTech Admins.

1.6. Players, coaches, managers or any other team representatives are prohibited from making bets on the tournament matches.

1.7. Participants are not allowed to sabotage the match.

1.8. Do not insult the admins.

1.9. Participants are not allowed to broadcast the games they are playing.

1.10. Participants may only use the Riot account registered for the tournament.


  1. Punishments


2.1. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will result in one or more of the punishments  below:

2.1.1. Match disqualification – Your team will be disqualified from the current or latest match played.

2.1.2.Tournament disqualification – Your team will be disqualified from the current tournament.

2.1.3. VGTech Player Ban – You will be banned from all Virtual Genesis Technology Servers and tournaments for a period of time.

2.1.4. VGTech Team Ban – Your team/organization will be banned from all Virtual Genesis Technology Servers and tournaments for a period of time.

2.1.5 Warning – You will be given a warning from a VGTech Admin.

2.1.6. Protests have to be filled within 10 minutes after the match or they cannot be used to influence the result.

  1. Match Rules

3.1. Match Settings

Lobby Type : Custom Game

Mode : Standard

Cheats : Off

3.2. Map Pool : Bind, Haven and Split

3.3. Map Veto

3.3.1. Best of 1 – The veto process will be done in Discord. Teams will alternate turns to ban 

one map each. 

Team A (Ban)

Team B (Ban)

Last Map Played (Coin Toss for Side)

3.3.2. Best of 3 – Maps will play all 3 maps in this order.

Map 1 : Bind (Coin Toss for Side)

Map 2 : Split (Coin Toss for Side)

Map 3 : Haven (Coin Toss for Side)


  1. Prohibitions

4.1. Scripts and scripting is not allowed.

4.2. Abusing models and props in maps the way it wasn’t designed.

4.3. Any 3rd party softwares excluding communication softwares and official peripheral drivers.

4.4. Any form of hacking. This includes using any external assistance that gives an unfair advantage to you or your team.


  1. Online Stage


5.1. All rules stated above apply.

  1. Offline Stage (LAN)

6.1. Participants may not leave the tournament area without first informing an admin.

6.2. If provided, players are required to wear tournament headphones and other noise-reducing peripherals provided by admins during the matches.

6.3. During the matches, players have to keep the stage tables clean from food, drinks, trash, etc. Please place your drinks underneath the table during an official match.

6.4. Installation of all drivers must be made in the presence of an official admin. Any USB devices connected to the PC’s for such a purpose may only contain the driver installation files. Downloading of such files is strictly prohibited without authorization of an admin. Players may only launch VALORANT, communication softwares, and peripheral drivers on tournament computers.

6.5. Being under alcohol/drug influence during media and tournament days is strictly prohibited. Players caught in such a state will not be allowed to play their matches, teams will be disqualified and won’t have any prize money paid.

6.6. All rules stated above apply.

  1. General Terms and Conditions

7.1. Please come prepared on time. If no transport / accommodation is provided , please arrange for your own transportation and accommodation to the venue.

7.2. Dress code : Long Pants (below the knee), Jersey / Non vulgar t-shirt , covered shoes

7.3. Admins have the final say.

7.4. These terms apply to the team management, friends, family and mutual relations partners accompanying the teams / players.

7.5. Once the team lineup has been finalized, no changes can be made except for emergencies.

  1. Disclaimer

8.1. Participation is at your own risk.
8.2. Each participation is a binding contract to abide by the rules of the tournament.

8.3. VGTech reserves the rights to change the rules without prior notice.

8.4. Each PARTICIPANT must follow the instructions from ORGANIZERS, and authorities, such as the venue security personnel, police, fire department, etc.

8.5. Any losses on-ground of personal items and such will not be redeemable by items of similar value or pinned the loss on the organizers at any given time or venue. 

  1. Thank You

9.1. Thank you for following the rules. Good luck and have fun.

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