Bringing the best in esports Health 

A whole new activity designed to help you understand your medical needs in esports brought to you by professional medical doctors and physical health development experts. Be a healthty esports pro player. 

“Esports medicine is the subfield of sports medicine dedicated to uniquely protecting and enhancing the health, safety and welfare of esports athletes.” 

What is Esports Medicine?
Esports medicine is the subfield of sports medicine focused on the treatment and prevention of esports related injuries, as well as a commitment to protecting and enhancing the health, safety and welfare of all eSports athletes. 
Esports Medicine delivers the unique opportunity to discover new and innovative methods to enhance:
– esports athlete ergonomics
– physical fitness, strength and conditioning of esports athletes
– neurocognitive processing speed and reaction time of esports athletes
– esports team dynamics and esports psychology


Kumpulan eMedica

Kumpulan/Jawatankuasa Esports Medical Academic (Esports MedicA) adalah satu kumpulan/ jawatankuasa perubatan komprehensif yang khusus tertumpu kepada pemain Esports dan pemain permainan video. Kumpulan ini diasaskan dan diselaras oleh Dr. Zatul-´Iffah Abu Hasan (Jawatankuasa Tetap Pendidikan (Kesihatan) Majlis Belia Malaysia/ Pensyarah Kanan Fakulti Perubatan dan Sains Kesihatan, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia).

Esports MedicA terdiri daripada beberapa organisasi iaitu Majlis Belia Malaysia (peneraju utama)

– Fakulti Perubatan dan Sains Kesihatan, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
– Green Crescent Malaysia – Esports Darul Khusus Club.

Terdapat dua elemen di dalam organisasi ini, iaitu elemen sukan Esports yang diselaraskan oleh En. Muhammad Faries Faizal Shamsul (Pengasas bersama/ Jawatankuasa Tetap Pendidikan /Presiden Persatuan Sukan Elektronik Negeri
Sembilan) dan elemen perubatan. Ahli perubatan Esports MedicA adalah terdiri daripada pakar-pakar perubatan yang berkaitan, iaitu pakar mata, telinga, kognitif, ergonomik dan psikologi.

Kumpulan perubatan ini akan bekerjasama dengan kumpulan Esports bagi lebih memahami dan mendekati pemain-pemain yang terlibat. Kumpulan ini bersifat neutral tanpa mengikut arus stigma negatif/positif masyarakat terhadap permainan
Esports dan bertujuan untuk menyumbang dalam pembangunan Esports secara sihat.

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Healthy Challenge with GymBox

Who Said Gamers Can’t Be Fit?

On the 28th to the 29th of September 2019, head on over to Le Meridian, Putrajaya to participate in the Gamer Fitness Challenge for a chance to win an exclusive The GymBox Kuching water bottle.

A collaborative effort from both The GymBox Kuching and Poseidon Electronic Sports, the challenge aims to highlight the importance maintaining health and personal fitness within the gaming community – factors often overlooked within the sphere.

Many would presume that only professional gamers would need to keep fit so they would look good for the cameras when they stream.

However, this is false on multiple levels – fitness is not only necessary for aesthetics but also for overall health, and should be a priority for all gamers, regardless of whether they do it professionally or casually.

Through this collaboration, both The GymBox Kuching and Poseidon Electronic Sports hope to highlight these facts, while also providing gamers ways to keep fit at home without having to sacrifice their wallets on expensive equipment.

Keeping fit and staying healthy is not just for professional gamers or gym buffs – it is something everyone should endeavor to achieve.

This challenge is part of the larger event ServerDNA-iv, Game Hard. Game Together hosted by ServerDNA.