Season 1: No Tech Tash. Finale 19th October 2020
Season 1: serverDNA Live with Flava.  Finale Wednesday 21st October 2020
Season 1: CROSSOVER ANGEL, FLAVA & TASH SHOW , serverDNA TV LiveSeason 1: FINALE 23rd October 2020

Into the world of unknown tech with
No Tech Tash

A 6 episode, season 1, weekly mini ServerDNA live show with TashBunny.
Where she will lead you with the latest tech and tash. But fear not for Uncle Siva will also be there to guide her when she guides you.

Meet Tash and her special tech brands buddies who will share with you the latest tech avaiability and the best offers you can expect from the big brands.

Every Monday, 8.00pm on YouTube – ServerDNA TV

No Tech Tash Show Schedules

Episodes/Date Show Description Special Guest
Episode 1 / 14th September 2020

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In the Beginning and into the Unknown Titan Army
Episode 2 / 21st September 2020
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 Warning! Can You FLASH Sades
Episode 3 / 28th October 2020
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We Caught ViewSonic Pants Down with Intel Hades Canyon View Sonic
Episode 4 / 5th October 2020
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Let’s Go Solo with 1st Player 1st Player
Episode 5 / 12th October 2020
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Come Alive with QNAP & InWin 309 QNAP
Episode 6 / 19th October 2020
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The Western Predator Western Digital &
Predator Gaming
  • How to participate on the lucky draw.
    – Go to ServerDNA official Discord server.
    – Read the rules at #boss3000 then type !rulesread at #server-chan to qualify.
    – Join the #luckydraws channel and react to the post to enter.
  • Respond within 5 minutes at Discord to claim your prize. Any later and you will automatically FORFEIT.
  • Only BITS role can qualify for SDNA Live Lucky Draw.
  • No registration is needed for being part of this show.
  • Tune into ServerDNA Live! with Flava to get the secret question for a mystery prize.
  • Winners for lucky draw are drawn from the Discord server for registered accounts ONLY.

Watch and Learn

The No Tech Tash Show focuses on 4 Key Pillars to bring to you the best of tech talks and entertainment