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Pilot – Do you VR

How Gamers pick-up girls, play horror games in VR and eat nasi lemak with SMG.

Starring Tashbunny, The Mustachio AJ and VauseKV

Can You Roleplay?

Two strangers meet coincidentally traveling the world only to discover one of them was a stalker. Face your fears with what’s in the box and tell your story in 3 words.

Starring Astra Gaming and Mr Tan SADES

Blast From The Past

Former male model and extreme sports BMX biker spill the tea about their career and take on the challenge of taking shots.
Who’s going to be the unlucky one to drink it all?

Starring YattohYatt and DaddyFidz

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Disney auditions went wrong during tryouts. Watch it unfold from acting to a disastrous make-up session.

Starring Chibi Atreides, Steven Bones and Edmund Hoh from Acer Predator

Who Let The Doc Out

Mother of 6 makes a career out of gaming, changing her life forever. She finally gets a break trying out a massage chair suitable for Gamers.

Starring Missrose Gaming and Wayne Wan from Doctor Air

Takeover : Who’s My Wasabae?

The host has been held hostage. Forced to think fast and escape, he resorted to singing nursery rhymes.

Starring Allan Phang and Kenneth Ng from Totolink

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