How is the judging going be made

serverDNA Top PC Case Modding Competition will be based on an online vote system  opened on the event day, 28th Sept and 29th Sept 2019.  The voting system will requires a mobile phone validation from the registered guest system,  and is only open to participants and guest of serverDNA IV. Non registered mobile phone will not be allowed to vote.

Results will be closed at 4pm and to be announced at 5pm 29th Sept 2019.

Who can vote

Eligibility of voting means you are attending serverDNA and has registered as a guest or participant. The vote will be validated via your mobile phone on the serverDNA site.

Will my mobile phone be charge

No, This is an organizor paid SMS service. All local numbers are covered, however SMS services for overseas telcos may apply.

Prize Pool

Winner will be graded as Top 3 Votes.

1. Each voter are allowed to vote up to 3 submission and is shown a picture of the entry on vote site.
2. Vote Site will only be available on the 28th Sept Morning and will be closed at 4pm 29th Sept 2019 for voting.
3. Prize Pool of RM 3000 will be allocated as follows.
i. 1st Prize RM 1000.00 
ii. 2nd Prize RM 700.00
iii. 3rd Prize RM 300.00

Payment for Prize Pool will be remitted within 30days from the event close. Overseas winner will have to bare the cost of bank transactions.