A compilation of our beloved serverDNA5 Hosts and their facebook “about me” sections. 🙄 They are so unique that they don’t even need to introduce themselves 😂so you can expect the unexpected during serverDNA5



Hey guys, welcome to my very own Official Page for all my casts for DotA and DotA 2 LIVE Streams on TwitchTV. Will be putting in a lot of infos here in this page regarding the DotA community in Malaysia and will expand even further from time to time.



Hi, I’m Tash! I’m here to share my first experiences playing video games with all of you and having a good time on stream! If you decide to stay, welcome to the Bunny Gang! We’re all a family!



“A King’s purpose is not to be served by the people, but serving the people is the King’s purpose.”



He makes voices! He Sings! He makes funnies! Now he creates!