Jason Paige is a true Artist/Renaissance Man. His voice, acting, writing, arrangement and production skills successfully span the creative frontiers of music and theatre from Pop to Jazz, Hip-Hop to Rock, Soul to Country and more. His current performances spontaneously combine his vocal gymnastics, beatboxing and throat-singing into live recorded musical improvisations called “Looping”. For the past 18 years he’s most infamously known as the voice of the ever-present “Pokémon theme song”.

Jason Paige has quickly risen again to the spotlight of the Pokémon Fans. He has been interviewed on MTV, CNN, TMZ, Nintendo News, SPIN, Cosmopolitan, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, CNET and more. His voice and rousing theme’s popularity has generated billions of hits on Youtube and his current video presence and social media venues reach many millions.

“The voice of a generation” Jason Paige is the singer of the OG Pokémon theme song.

Jason Paige will be making an appearance at serverDNA5 and here is what he has to say.

You heard it from the man himself!

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