What Do The Winners Gets

The Top 3 Winners will be invited on stage to participate on a Game of Kahootie hosted by MC FLAVA with RAMP-UP audiences live, making this the most innovative and well-watched community activity in the country.

The winner of in the Game of Kahootie will walk away with a either a 1.6M Teddy Bear, A Box of Chocolate or A pack of Pop-Corn

The serverDNA RAMP-UP 2018 Streamer Awards is a fun way to recognize streamers for their passion and awesomeness in the community.

The Voting Process

The serverDNA RAMP-UP 2019 Streamer Awards Nominees and Winners are determined by an online nomination process and voting system.
Voting is now live until 27th September 2019
Results will be tallied live on serverDNA website.
Vote Your favourite streamer
*You will need to register on a special vote system  to vote. 
Each voter can vote up to 3 streamers of your choice

Registration is only applicable for Local Malaysia Number.

**Please note registration as a voter is saparate from the main site registration to attend serverDNA IV.

Vote Now

The Voters Lucky Draw

An exclusive lucky draw only for Ramp-Up Voters.
serverDNA 1.6M Super Teddy Bear.
Draw will be made for voters who is present in serverDNA 29th September 2019.
So Let’s help your favourite streamer win and win yourself.
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What is the serverDNA Favourite Streamer Award

The serverDNA RAMP-UP 2019 Streamer Award is a fun way to help recognize our local Malaysian streamers by allowing the participting person to get their fans to vote for them.

The Top 3 winners with the most vote will be invited on stage for a Kahootie Game Hosted by MC FLAVA.

The Top 3 Winners will walk away with a special gift for being the favourite streamer of all.

Qualify streamers are all streamers that is participating in RAMP-UP only.

*Please note this is not a Professional Recognition.

How Do I Nominate

Nomination is not required as qualifications are based on actual streamers showcasing in serverDNA RAMP-UP 2019

Voting Process

All voting will be online.
Link for voting will be live on 5th of August 2019.
Mobile Phone number is required for voting.
Voting will open TBA and close at 12pm 29th Sept 2019.

All voters need to be registered to vote.
Each voter is allowed to vote for 3 different streamers of your choice

Final Tally will be absolute.

Please note that you need to register as a voter here to be eligible to vote,

The main site delegate registration is a separate registration.

How many votes can I make
You can vote maximum 3 unique streamer per vote session.

You will be required to register to be eligible to vote.

I have more question

Please whatsapp to 016-3091121

What Does The WInners Gets

1st Prize: The Pop-Corn Award
2nd Prize: The Chocolate Award
3rd Prize: The Teddy Bear Award.

As this is an online voting systems, we have ensure as much s possible a fair play to everyone.

The Best Prize is actually the 3rd Prize ensuring that not just the streamer with the highest followers will win.

All registration votes needs to be registered with a mobile phone to be eligible to vote hence all voting are unique or limited/manage.

*Data privacy. We do not share data to any third party and will not utilize any data collected except for the explicit communications of serverDNA specific events/communications.