Faker’s has extend his contract for another three years with T1,becomes part owner of T1 Entertainment and Sports

There is always a discussion about whether Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, the legendary Mid Laner of T1 in League of Legends would ever wear the jersey other than T1.

Now, those discussions has come to the end. Three times League of Legends Champion is going nowhere.

Faker has resigned with T1 and extended his contract to another three years, beginning in 2020. It is the maximum length permitted by Riot Games.

Apart from that, along with his new contract, Faker has become partial – owner of T1 Entertainment & Sports. Furthermore, T1 is also announced that Faker will be assuming a leadership role in T1 after his career has come to the end. And he will be assisting in global operations.

Faker will continue to be one of T1’s main player, as well as a recognizable figure in the esports industry after his retirement.