New Bloom Treasure in Dota 2

Dota 2 is introduce a new treasure in their store.

Just in time for Lunar New Year and the Rat’s time in the cyclical place of honor, the Treasure of Unbound Majesty is now available in Dota 2 store only for $2.49. They said players can claim one of these treasures as a gift for completing the New Bloom rewards line. Besides, it is also to unlocks this year’s seasonal New Bloom Celebrations and giftable spins on the rewards wheel.

The treasure is packed full of sets for Drow Ranger, Visage, Undying, Storm Spirit, Dazzle, Kunkka, Arc Warden, Dark Willow, and Rubick .

Besides that, this treasure also includes the chance to unbox a rare Puck set, very rare Legion Commander set, or an extremely rare Templar Assassin set.

Reference from : New Bloom Treasure