Lead CMH Organizor

Mr. Brian Chong
Lead Organizor, CaseModHeros

An established tech reviewer who has passion and interest in case modding, goldfries is always active in promoting and even participating in case modding events. He’s still new in the arena of case modding but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the process, you should enjoy it too!

Irie Ahmad
Mod’n’Go Design
Most people regard him the forefather of case modding in Malaysia, a nice guy with skills to match. Over the years Irie has garnered some recognition through many world-class case modding

Fuadi Siswoyo (Adjago) – Indonesia

Starting from an old case in 2010 I tried to change the side panel and add it with transparent acrylics. so that the inside looks beautiful together with a fan with led similar to disco lights … it was my initial experience modding the case and the hobby continues until now

CS Cheong
The one modder that is truly train technical on system integration with 20 years in the industry now turned modder and water cooling. A passionate techie with the nick for anything computer.

Afiqghani, we call him Afiq – his passion in creating his own line-up of casing really moved him places, come check out his latest revision at ServerDNA4?

Hamman Chronicle
The latest superstar in Malaysia’s case modding scene, Hamman Chronicle has showcased his prowess with an impressive gigantic case mod last year at ServerDNA3 – you might’ve missed it, so don’t miss what’s coming from this expert modder this year.

Syahid ‘Psycholunatic”
Best known for his RM150K water cooled artistic tabe mod exhibited in TodakFest 2018. A clear and unique artist when it comes to personalized system.

Ban Dinh Nguyen (Nhenhophach)- Vietnam

Formerly a passionate person in the field of assembly and computer (PC) with the desire to share his passion, creativity to all the people in this field. Mr. Ban Dinh Nguyen decided to set up Viet Computer Limited Company to bring passion and creativity to create unique products to customers with high requirements.

Their subsidiary called PC Salon is where direct consultation, design, fabrication and installation of PC systems with bold creativity, unique for each client separately. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of PC and liquid cooling solutions for PC, directly execute the products required by customers.

With more than 10 years of operation and development, with the motto of “QUALITY – PRESTIGE – QUALITY”, he has always been highly trusted by customers and increasingly confirmed a prestigious company, style of service attentive staff with professional and dedicated.

Wan Mohd Bazli Bin Wan Ismail BAZLI Le’ TitanTech

I was involved with pc modding accidentally. At first, I was just trying to have fun. starting with a capital of RM200, I bought basic equipment such as knife cutter, heat gun, iron ruler and some bottles of spray paint. My first teacher is You Tube. Hahaha. I only recently involved with pc modding. It started in the middle of 2016. From being a hobby, it’s now my side income. My permanent job is a teacher. all these skills do not come alone. I went to study with friends who paint, cut iron, and so on. For me, knowledge without teachers is something that makes it difficult. If you want to learn correctly, we need a teacher.


Open creative design casemods and water cooling from Across 6 countries. One Place One Time. serverDNA celebrates and recognizes the true craftmanship of PC Case modders and their contribution in building the community. Come serverDNA-iv see  for yourself the passsion, the creativity and be mesmerize what you can do with your PC and turn it into a monster. Vote on site to help your favorite modders win a place among titans.



Brian Chong

An established tech reviewer who has passion and interest in case modding, goldfries is always active in promoting and even participating in case modding events. He’s still new in the arena of case modding but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the process, you should enjoy it too!

Zeddy Buddy
Themed case mod seems to be his strong point, last year we saw his creation based on Avengers : Infinity War. Our guess is that he’s a movie buff, maybe we’ll have an Avengers : End Game mod this year?

He doesn’t talk much but we can assure you that he speaks through his case mods, often featuring the cool stuff that he makes with 3D Prints, among many other things.

Wai Wong
If you’re looking for a high-class plumber, this is the guy because his works are definitely high-grade when it comes to custom water cooling works.

Shamsul Ridzuan (Espada WC)

My Name is Shamsul Ridzuan @ Espada. I am a modder from the Malaysia. Working as an Desktop Support Engineer started modding as a hobby in 2016.

Building a PC is easier than ever. Even if you’re a complete newcomer, you can follow a guide like ours and have a PC up and running in a couple hours. But building that PC is just step one. Step two is making it beautiful.

If you lust after a PC that exudes style (and dazzling lights), it’s time to dip your toes into the world of case modding. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Modding can be as involved as building custom parts, or as simple as a new paint job.

Either way, case modding can quickly become addictive. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop. To ease your way into the modding world, here are some of our favorite components and techniques for blinging out your PC—no major case surgery required.

Another superstar in the scene, YNDK has impressed us many times with his creation and more often than not his casing seems to be influenced by his love for motorbikes.

Hirzan Zahar (Chopperinoz)

In 2016, he started with an old guitar and end up with a PC. Since then, Hirzan @ Izan started to develop interest in PC Case Mod. His main interest in PC case mod is to turn “something” into a PC. He believes that case mod can be done without high end equipment and fancy parts. Everyone can mod their own PC Case. Excuses are nothing more than a reason to fail. His first Case Mod Competition was the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2017 and made his first Case Mod Exhibition at Serverdna 3.

Amirul Syamim (MiM) 

MIM @ Amirul Syamim An aircraft maintenance student whose passion emerges as he build his own pc from very old parts. He then started building pc for friends for free and started experimenting with a few mods for his friend’s case. It turned out he loved it.

A budding modder who has a great potential in the future.

Nazri A.K.A Brader Jawe

Business Man, Retailer, Entreprenuer and definitely a passionate student of modding who fall in love with pc building and expression. Combining both knowledge and hobby and now he operates a successful PC Shop in Setia Alam.

Panji (HYEM) – Indonesia

Inspired by the backwardness of Indonesia with other countries especially in technology, and the young generation’s lack of interest in technological development, we are trying to rediscover the potential elements that can trigger the interest of everyone to learn and be actively involved in technological development. For that company is created as a trigger as well as a forum for young people to jointly develop ideas in technological developments.

This company is in fact a metamorphosis and refinement of the effort founded by the previous founders, with more focus on initial ideas, vision, and mission. In 2016 HYEM strike is back and reborn in Jakarta and currently located at Jalan Mangga II no 32 Duri Kepa, Grenville West Jakarta. We have two main business, an IT Media and Custom PC Builder. With our passion and our experience, we deliver the cutting edge of PC Build and also in-house review to give you best solution for your needs

Tri Aprianto – Indonesia

Starting mod from repaint some case with bored colour.. Witch case always with black… Try become modder of inspire from older reference modder make some std model case became case what i want

Dony Daguar – indonesia

Donny started modding in 2008 by utilizing junk part to illustrate his creations.  His persistency and consistency has kept him goinguntil today with a mixture of parts of old with todays chassis designs  in a new form of specialize technique.

Muhaffiz Bin Hamid aka. IZHA

Muhaffiz Hamid @ Hafiz for short. A newcomer in the
Modding world. Real interest and real skill in modding. serverDNA is excited to see a new talent and craftmanship from Hafiz.


Eric Wong Shi Yu @ Stratos
Owner of Stratos PC from Miri, Sarawak who is passionate for PC & Tech started in 2001 and started his own PC business on 2008.

Joined MSI x APES Showoff Challenge 2011 for WaterCooling Mods Showoff and secured 2nd Place losing to Sifu Irienaoki(Irie Ahmad from Mod’n’Go).
Champion for Asashi DIY Race Against Time in 2015 for the fastest to Assemble and Dismantle a PC.

Coming back into the scene to spark the young generation to join us to grow the community growing more enthusiast.

serverDNA, Gamers gatering, esports, lucky draws, predator, ROG, LG, Sades, serverware

Ahmad Safuan

I became interested about case modding at the age of 18 years old.but at that time i still cant afford to buy a hardware and tools for case modding,

The only thing i can do is by modding it with photoshop and adobe illustrator only.at the age of 24 years old, my passion for case modding arise after i saw a case mod by irie ahmad, and by that time i get aspiration to mod my own case and for my first project .

i got alot of support and and guidance from mod n go to finish my first project.and im improving nowday by using new machinery such as CNC milling,Laser Cutter,3d printer,Aluminum Bender and i also learn alot of 3d compare too my past year